CRCP2016 - 3rd Caribbean Regional Conference of Psychology

Theme: Promoting Caribbean Health with Multiculuralism and Multilingualism: Challenges and Opportunities

This conference is a continuation of the historic CRCP2011 in Nassau, Bahamas and the inaugural CANPA conference in Suriname in 2014.

The conference theme, Promoting Caribbean Health with Multiculturalism and Multilingualism: Challenges and Opportunitiesseeks to highlight the importance of promoting health in the Caribbean region with an understanding and appreciation of the multicultural and multilingual nature of the region. The Caribbean region, a mosaic of different cultures and languages, is an ideal context in which to promote a useful and informed discourse about multiculturalism and multilingualism for development. Using health as a landscape allows the opportunity to unpack the existing challenges and opportunities in promoting human development while employing and celebrating the rich cultural diversity of the Caribbean. We invite papers from different disciplines that explore the themes and subthemes of the conference.  

CRCP2016 invites talks that embrace and affirm the past and present realities of the Caribbean peoples, and promote their prospective physical, mental, and social health and overall well-being.

Theme & Sub-Themes

The conference theme is Promoting Caribbean Health with Multiculturalism and Multilingualism: Challenges and Opportunities.


  1. Promoting Caribbean Health and Well-being
  2. Multiculturalism in the Caribbean
  3. Multilingualism in the Caribbean
  4. Caribbean Psychology Education And Training
  5. Challenges In Psychology

Sub-Themes & Topics


      • Envisioning Caribbean Futures
      • Conceptualizing National and Pan-Caribbean Identities
      • Challenging Old Narratives and Creating New Visions
      • Addressing Transgenerational Trauma
      • Developing Culturally-Relevant Mental Health Services
      • Psychology and Social Justice in the Caribbean Context
      • Caribbean Models of Well-Being and Health Promotion
      • Psychopathology and Mental Health in the Caribbean
      • National and Regional Trauma, Emergency and Disaster Mental Health Programmes
      • Early Childhood Intervention
      • Risk Factors and Resiliency among Victims and Survivors of Disasters (Natural, Human and Medical like Ebola, Cholera, etc.)
      • Addictions
      • Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases & Communicable Diseases (STDs, AIDS, etc.)
      • Suicide and Para-suicide
      • Positive Psychology: Strength Based Approaches and National Happiness
      • Occupational Wellness, Health and Safety
      • Economic/Political Dependency and Mental Health
      • Political Systems and Mental Health  


      • Indo-Caribbean culture
      • African Caribbean mores, usages, traditions, and well-being.
      • Indigenous peoples in the Caribbean
      • Indigenous languages in the practice of Caribbean Psychology
      • Caribbean emigration, immigration, and return migration
      • Acculturation and Globalization in the Caribbean
      • Transnationalism in the Caribbean Diaspora
      • Multicultural Caribbean identities
      • Race and Race Relations in the Caribbean
      • Conceptualizing National and Pan-Caribbean Identities (from above)
      • Globalization and Caribbean Development 


      • Regionalizing the Psychology Curriculum
      • Core Competences in Undergraduate Education
      • Curriculum Development
      • Culturally- Appropriate Pedagogy
      • Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology Education
      • Culturally- Appropriate Training: Assessment and Therapy
      • Alternative Models of Intervention
      • Ethnography and Participant-Focused Methodologies
      • Training in Cultural Competence: Cultural Translation and Adaptation in Assessment and Therapy
      • Caribbean Perspectives on Post Graduate Education
      • Psychotherapy Training, Certification, and Evaluation


      • Psychology Regulation – Protecting the Public and Serving Science and thePractice of Psychology
      • Developing a Culturally Appropriate Psychological Science
      • Caribbean Psychology: Engagement Across Disciplines
      • Promoting Cross Cultural Research
      • Psychology and the Environment: Sustainability and AdaptabilityDeveloping Community-Based Interventions
      • Documenting Caribbean Worldviews, Attitudes, Beliefs and Values
      • Disability, Marginalization, Discrimination.
      • Psychological Care to Older Adults or Caregivers of Elders
      • Technology and the Caribbean Reality
      • Embracing Alternative Knowledge Systems
      • Practicing Psychology in Small Spaces
      • Decreasing Dependency on Pharmaceutical Interventions: Behavioral Approaches to Mental Illness Treatment
      • Innovative Caribbean Practice Models