CRCP2016 Presentation Formats

Keynotes (90 MInute session)

CRCP2016 Keynotes take place as part of the opening session. They are each half hour talks with time for discussion. All participants are invited to attend.

Plenaries (90 MInute sessions)

There are 5 Plenary sessions throughout the conference. All participants are invited to attend. Plenaries address each of the CRCP2016 conference themes. In each session there will be two talks (30 minutes) and time for discussion.

Invited Speaker Panels (90 Minute Sessions)

Invited speaker panels consist of three talks (20 minutes talk, 5 minutes discussion) by CRCP2016 Invited Speakers, grouped together with a similar theme. There will be time for discussion of each paper.

Paper Panels  (90 minute sssions)

Paper presentations will be grouped into Paper Panels, organized by subject matter or theme, 5 papers in a panel. Papers may be presented with accompanying power point presentations (projectors will be provided). Papers should be prepared to last 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for discussion.

Poster Presentations (90 minute sessions)

Posters will be placed on stands that measure 36" tall and 48" wide. Poster presentations should be attached to the stands in the morning of the day of the session and remain in place throughout the day. Presenters should be present during their assigned poster session.

Symposia (90 minutes)

Symposia generally include a maximum of four (4) presentations on a common topic, and a discussant. Symposia are introduced by a chair.

Roundtables (45 minutes)

Roundtables are discussion sessions on specific topics and include presentation and discussion. Presenters will lead a roundtable with individuals interested in the topic area. Presenters may present a short paper and elicit questions and comments from individuals at the table. In this format, presenters will open a discussion on a topic relevant to the conference theme and subthemes with brief remarks and facilitate a guided, interactive discussion with the roundtable participants.