Worrell, Frank        

Psychology’s Role in School Settings: Promoting Health and Well Being in Youth
Abstract: Despite their small size, many Caribbean countries have high rates of crime and violence, and these issues have also become more common in school settings. At the same time, schools are an important place for students to gain academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional competencies that will prepare them to be productive and contributing citizens, and may be the first place where youth can access and benefit from psychological services.  In this presentation, Dr. Worrell will provide an overview of a project conducted in Trinidad and Tobago to help prepare education personnel to support the academic and psychological needs of students.  From the development of local norms for the diagnosis of ADHD and conduct disorder to early diagnosis of and intervention with reading problems, the psychology community can play an important role in youth development and success, and ultimately in development of these small nation states.

Session #  009, Invited Talk