Nobles, Wade          

Multilingualism and Multiculturalism: Healing African Humanity in the Context of the Caribbean
Abstract: In recognizing that the mental health and well being of African people world-wide is directly dependent on our ability to assist in the re-conceptualization and reconstruction of African (Black) people’s reality independently of Eurocentric thought and Western hegemonic, white supremacist conceptualizations, this presentation, using the Haitian revolution as exemplar, will trace the evolution of African Centered Psychology through the Africanization of the epistemological, terminological, aesthetic and hermeneutical groundings of the scientific, artistic and investigative discourse in the illumination of the spirit, ergo Sakhu Sheti/Djaer as a contribution to authentic multiculturalism and the restoration of the African mind, identity and consciousness.

Session #  001, Keynote and Plenary