Morgan, Kai          

Psychology: The Jamaican Experience
Abstract: This presentation will explore some of the adjustments and adaptations that Jamaican psychologists and counsellors have had to make in order to make therapy / counselling, assessment and other interventions culturally relevant and effective. This will be discussed within the context of language, and sociocultural orientation and woven through the threads of therapeutic approach / techniques, therapeutic alliances, and will look at stigma and hierarchy. The methodology utilized will involve qualitative reports on these factors from individuals that have been working in the field for 10 years or more. Attempts will also be made to look not only at clinical or counseling psychologists and counsellors but also at applied-social psychologists, for example sport and consulting psychologists whose work expands beyond the realm of pathology. These are important factors to analyze as we learn to adapt the Eurocentric models that we have all been privy to in our journey

Session #  003, Invited Talk