CIMG6648Claudina Elington Cayetano

Dr. Cayetano currently serves as a Regional Advisor on Mental Health within the Noncommunicable Disease and Mental Health Department for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO), based at the Headquarters in Washington DC. In 2013, she began working with PAHO as the Sub Regional Advisor on Mental Health based in Panama, where she provided technical cooperation to Central American countries and, Dominican Republic in all matters related to mental health as a public health issue.
Dr. Cayetano has over 20 years of experience in service delivery and program management. After obtaining her Medical Degree at Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala, she completed her Post-graduate Degree in Psychiatry at McGill University, Department of Psychiatry in Montreal, Canada.
She served as the Director of the Mental Health for the Ministry of Health, Government of Belize. For over a decade, she was the only psychiatrist in the country. Under her leadership as a public health practitioner, helped to develop mental health policies and guidelines to strengthen the delivery of mental health services in across the country. The mental health program underwent major changes; among these are the development of community-based care, provision of training to new staff, development of new sets of competencies among nurses to enable them to work in the communities, integration of mental health into primary care, and provision of acute mental health care in general hospitals.
Dr. Cayetano has contributed chapters to various books published by the World Health Organization, Geneva, including Integrating Mental Health Care into Primary Care; Alcohol and Partner Physical Aggression, In Unhappy Hours: Alcohol and Partner Aggression in the Americas, and Salud Mental en la Comunidad. She Co-authored articles in Global Mental Health: Principles and Practice published by Oxford University Press as well as articles that were published in peer review journals.