Using Culture to Motivate Our Youth to Make Choices for their Good

I work with children and young people and I hear society's "noises" that children and young people today have no conscience and make choices that are not for their good. If this is so it means that the Culture into which they are born is not providing them with the "prohibitions" or the "positive prescriptions" they need to make those choices.
A Caribbean Practice Model, I developed uses our Carnival Culture, to motivate children and youth through nurturing and developing the conscience and ego ideal and help them to make choices for their good. The practice of stilt-walking is incorporated into a Carnival Band. The message is "Our Culture Must Teach Positive Values." The Carnival Band is titled "Life is a Balancing Act," and helps children and young people with the choices they need to make. An interactive workbook with the same title has also been produced.
• Lecture Format 15 mins
• Video 8 mins
• Conclusion -7 mins
If discussion is included the time will be adjusted accordingly