crcp2016-cooperCan Psychology Truly Serve Humanity?
Saths Cooper

Tracing the origins of international psychology to its illustrious beginnings in Paris in August 1889, when the first International Congress of Psychology (ICP) was held during the centennial celebrations of the French Revolution, this address will provide any insights emerging from the latest ICP held in Yokohama, Japan in July 2016 that may be germane to the topic. It will point to the increasing worldwide interest in psychology, especially in the majority world where psychology's engagement is patently wanting. In traversing urgent issues of societal concern where psychology ought to be more visibly engaged, it will proffer possible explanations for psychology's disaggregation into minutae, which often tends to absorb both research in and applications of psychology. The case will be made for a bolder principled commitment from psychology to confront the challenges that confound people globally, ensuring a positive trajectory for this 'noble science' that society and people can usefully rely on and acknowledge.