2016crcp-bulhanHussein Bulhan

Dr. Hussein A. Bulhan is a graduate of Wesleyan University, Boston University, and Harvard University. He is the author of several major publications and numerous articles, including Frantz Fanon and Psychology of Oppression; Politics of Cain—One Hundred Years of Crises in Somali Politics and Society; In-Between Three Civilizations, Volume 1: Archeology of Social Amnesia and Triple Heritage of Somalis; and Losing the Art of Survival: Transition from Self-Reliance to Dependence and Indignity. One of his latest articles was published in Journal of Social and Political Psychology in 2015 (Vol. 3(1), 239–256) with the title: "Stages of Colonialism in Africa: From Occupation of Land to Occupation of Being."
Dr. Bulhan is a former tenured professor at Boston University and the President of Hargeisa University. He is now the President and Professor of Frantz Fanon University which he founded. A specialist in the treatment of PTSD and other psychological problems, his primary residence is in Hargeisa, Somaliland, Horn of Africa.