sanchez2Implementation Science: Development, Effectiveness and Scale-up of the Parenting Fundamentals Prevention Program
Marizaida Sanchez

Since its inception, Parenting Fundamentals (PF) has served approximately 8,000 parents and caregivers raising over 21.000 children at various community agencies and locations across Chicago land & Puerto Rico (e.g., public libraries, schools, churches). Through a universal parenting educational approach, Parenting Fundamentals aims to promote the social and emotional development of children, prevents child abuse, strengthens families and improves school readiness and achievement. The program is comprised of five interventions (group-based educational training, home visits, comprehensive referrals, parents' support group and children's art group).
The main objective of this plenary session is to present the evolution of this innovative prevention program which has been scale up in a short 8-year period with a scientifically sound model base on a community-university partnership. Three milestones in Parenting Fundamentals history will be highlighted: the effectiveness study (2008), an innovative program development framework (2010-2016) and the program scale-up (2011-2016).
Parenting Fundamentals improves: a) parental knowledge and behavioral intent around non-violent discipline and child development; b) stimulation and support in home environments and; c) children's overall adjustment. Parenting Fundamentals' is now listed on the National Registry for Evidenced Based Programs and Practices of the United States government.
Parenting Fundamentals has been successfully replicated in Chicago and Puerto Rico. Therefore promoting positive parenting practices in various community contexts.