Effects of Multigenerational Racism on Individual, Family and Community Functioning and Well Being with Implications for The Caribbean Context
The lies of global White superiority and Black inferiority underlie the often-unconscious biases against people of African ancestry, which in turn leads to discrimination against them in every area of life. The lies seed implicit and explicit bias. They cause harm to the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of Black people and deflect attention and energy from their efforts toward social justice, community building and self-determination. These lies distort perceptions of self, alter cultural and behavioral norms, and truncate goals and aspirations. Psychological strategies must be designed to assist Black people to undergo the kind of conscientization described by Freire, which radicalizes awareness. This is a call to re-vision the historical present toward a different--more positive--future, to face the pain of the past and the present to promote healing and pave the way to a better future for Black people." This re-visioning must include attention to the psychological dimensions of enduring racism (including historical, cultural, and individuated processes) grounded in an understanding of psychological, historical, and cultural trauma in Black lives that are addressed in community-centric strategies